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Jonchilds 06-26-2010 07:22 AM

Can't add Artist/Album to playlist
I've just bought an S9 as a replacement for my Zen Vision:M, and so far have been rather unimpressed with the music interface. I've come to grips with navigation, and adding individual songs to the "Now Playing" list. However, adding multiples of either artists or albums to this playlist is frustrating me to no end - whenever I try and add them to the favourites/now playing list I get the red circle with a cross through it come up.

I'm also having issues queueing up my entire library so that I can have it play songs at random.

I'm seriously considering selling this and looking for something different. The sound/picture quality is great, but the standard music interface is absolute crap in terms of intuitiveness...

imad!man 10-01-2011 12:51 PM

Cowon S9
I hate this about this player. I always do my playlist in a way so that I can play a mix of music that suits the environment and the mood. With this player you start with a playlist and then you can only add individual songs ONE AT A TIME!!!!!

So I start out with August 2011 hits and want to add July and also maybe some country... That would be searching for about 60 songs. By the time i'm done were ready for some rock n roll... you get the picture. The point of a player is to PLAY! I spend hours and hours on my computer organizing my music so when I want to enjoy it I can. This player is extremely annoying once you are about 6 beers into the night and just want to be pressing the volume key and not constantly trying to get the mix adjusted. I am actually back to using my ancient creative zen touch and for as old as it is , they got the really important things right.

markmp3guy 10-13-2011 03:20 AM

Grrr, my favorite pet peeve about this, and all cowon players. No actually playlist support and it's frustrating. I can take a $30 mp3 player and sync my music to playlists in record time but with a cowon it's worse than pulling a tooth. Oh, and their customer service is non-existent. They only respond when it suits them. I've messaged them on various occasions about this very topic. Oh, and if you ever get your music to sync to playlists they have a limitation of 1,000 songs. Who puts a friggin limitation on playlists? No one but cowon. They know it's a frustration point.

I love this player. The music sounds amazing when paired with a quality headset. Videos look amazing too. The major shortcoming is the playlist functionality or lack thereof. My advice is to have a secondary player. I'm purchasing a Zune. The Cowon is my primary and the Zune is a backup. However, if they don't fix this problem then I will no longer purchase their products after this one dies.

!"$%^&*( 10-17-2011 12:58 PM

Have you guys tried Kizune's Sense UCI? It has an on the go playlist creator.


You should also check out his other UCI's leaf (browser), Vision (picture) and lynx (main menu)

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