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eluros 06-24-2010 12:10 PM

Contemplating Several Purchases

So, I just purchased a Zune HD 16GB, and am very excited! However, there's a few accessories I'm looking for, and was wondering if you all could offer any advice. A bit about me: I'm married (no kids yet), and have an hour commute to and from work, so this will get a lot of use in my car. Additionally, I'd like to use it to wake up in the morning. Feel free to make any suggestions/comments, and offer different pieces of hardware than the stuff I already came across.

1. Car Audio
I already have an FM Transmitter, but it has a long cord and I would be open to purchasing an alternative.

I could use this with my current FM Transmitter:

Or, I could purchase an integrated one so I don't have cords to mess with, although it's more expensive:

Any thoughts on those two? Any additional suggestions? Anyone have any experience?

2. Alarm Clock
I want a device I can wake up to. I prefer it to plug into the wall, so I don't have to buy batteries. Sound quality is nice, but if I can purchase one that's $80 cheaper with slightly worse quality, that's fine. Any suggestions? Most of the things out there are over $100, which is about as much as I spent on the Zune, and seems way overpriced.

Thanks for your advice!

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