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Jerune 06-20-2010 03:34 PM

EZ-AV Xen players

I used to have a Ez-av Xen EMP-200 player which was only 125mb.

Until now this was the most incredible sound that i've had. Now I have a Sony walkman. I tried to find a newer version of the Xen series, but it looks like the production stopped and the players are not available anymore....

Can somebody tell me anything about this? or has anyone still an old player to sell....Im looking for at least 512 / 1 GB capacity...


The DarkSide 06-25-2010 07:29 PM

I'd never heard of this brand before you mentioned it, and it seems to be a low budget Korean brand. The SQ might be quite spectacular, but I doubt that most of us will be able to provide much assistance.

Here's the link to info on the player you mentioned: http://www.itreviews.co.uk/hardware/h804.htm

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