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glove4 06-02-2010 05:55 PM

Zii Egg Zero GB Model
Does anybody have one of the $200 0GB models with an SD card? The $400 32GB model is a bit much, but if the 0GB model works well with an SD card, I might be willing to try one of these out as I have been compelled for a long time to do so given my heavy usage past and present of Creative players.

IanFromAfrica 06-08-2010 05:58 AM

There is only a 32Gb (developer) version at the moment. The 0Gb version is never going to happen (according to ZiiLabs), because it needs at least 256Mb to store the OS. The flash memory daughterboard can be populated with 4-32Gb at manufacture. If they ever release this to consumers, there'll probably be an 8, 16 or 32Gb option.

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