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arcie31 05-25-2010 03:21 AM

YH-J70 compatability
New to the forum (Just joined) looks like it will be usefull.
Got my hands on a Samsung YH-J70 works perfectly well untill I USB it to my laptop. The MP3 realises it is hooked up to something as the screen flashes up data transfering for about half a second.
The laptop does nothing.
Might it be a duff USB cable or the fact I'm using XP.
Wont work with windows 7 either??

lebellium 05-25-2010 03:31 AM

Tell what is your firmware version (settings>system>about)
And check PC connection mode (settings>system>PC connect mode). Use Removable Disk or Removable Disk + charge

Mine works well on any OS


arcie31 05-25-2010 07:03 AM

Cheers for the response but I have't got a clue what your talking about.

arcie31 05-25-2010 07:07 AM

Found it
Version 2.05
Connect mode :Removable disc

arcie31 05-25-2010 07:35 AM

Just noticed something else which may help.
When I plug in the USB the screen freezes.
The song title stops scrolling and the time elapsed for the song stops.
When I pull out the USB it resumes movement and the timer jumps to to where it should be had it not being interupted??

lebellium 05-25-2010 08:06 AM

Try Removable Disk + charge instead and also try on another PC ;)
I don't know any other solution:(

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