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stbi 05-07-2010 07:23 PM

R0: Fastest way to reach the "Music playback screen"?

as far as I know, altering the volume or skipping between tracks is only possible from within the "Music playback screen". But if you are navigating through the menus or using the file browser during music playback, what's the fastest way to reach the "Music playback screen" in order to alter the volume or skip to the next track? At least to my restricted knowledge, this is:

- press and hold the back key to go to the main menu
- select "Music"
- select "Now playing"

However, this works only if music is played from the internal memory. If the music is played from the microSD card, the player won't show the currently played track on the memory card, but the last track that was played from the internal memory instead. The only way I found so far was to waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit until the display goes off and then pressing any button... is this really the only way or am I missing something? :confused:


Nikolaus 05-08-2010 05:57 AM

It's the only way I know, sorry.

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