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lebellium 05-02-2010 07:45 AM

Samsung YH-J70 Video Review - Cowon X5 killer!
Hi guys,
Here is the first Youtube video of the 2005 YH-J70

Yeah, I made this one so as nobody will never forget this awsome DAP :cool:

20 or 30Gb DAP, tactile buttons and 160*128 1,8" LCD screen.
Audio: MP3/WMA/ASF/OGG vorbis/WAV (no FLAC).
19EQ + 9 bands- user EQ! SRS - WOW- HD sound effects
Video: MPEG4/Xvid (SVI extension)
Pictures, Text, FM tuner, 5 games, USB-HOST
FM, Line-in and Voice recording (up to 192kbps)
25hrs battery life
Intelligent HDD Protection System

dfkt 05-02-2010 08:14 AM

Hah, sensationalist thread title like Engadget/Gizmodo... X5 killer my ass. ;)

Abysmal sounding SRS garbage instead of BBE, no FLAC, SVI instead of AVI, etc, etc. Then again, it does have the connectors built in, so that's one a major advantage over the X5's terrible sub-dock.

lebellium 05-02-2010 08:22 AM

Yes, without a sensationalist thread title people don't read :D

I agree for sound effects. BBE sound better than SRS WOW.
But I don't really like sound effects. I prefer user EQ.
And the YH-J70 offers a 9 band-user EQ! It really sounds great! :eek:

Regarding supported video files, we really don't care, those players are Audio players!
The video feature on the X5 is as much useless as on the YH-J70 ;)

So why the X5 was a commercial success and not the YH-J70?
Because previous Samsung models were really bad (YH-820, 920 and 925), this was not the case for Cowon. Besides, the X5 supports FLAC, was available in 60Gb version, "L" versions provide a great battery life. And Rockbox has been ported.

But both of them are very great DAP! Unfortunately the YH-J70 is not as famous as it should be!

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