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umlawgrad 04-22-2010 02:59 AM

Problem With Song Shuffle on R0
I just purchased an R0 yesterday. I am converting mp4 songs from iTunes on a MacBook Pro to 192 kbps using the iTunes converter and importing the mp3s directly into the Samsung unit.

The problem is, in addition to importing the actual song title (readable) there is also a version of the song that begins with "._" and says "can not read file." This is useless for the shuffling songs using any method because the "._" version is everywhere the playable songs are and if the the shuffle hits one of the "._" prefixes, the unit can't read the file and stops playing. Prior to the firmware upgrade (discussed below), the unit would just shut off and go through some system check every time I turned it back on.

The R0 I purchased came with firmware version 1.13 and I updated to 1.19 today. This made absolutely no difference. Since I intend Shuffling is extremely important to me, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions. I am not very computer literate, so I hope I explained the problem clearly.

This unit is by far the best sounding DAP I have ever owned and I would hate to have to return it because of something that should be so basic -- shuffling.

Having said it is the best sounding unit I have owned, for those interested, I notice a much louder buzzing through the Shure 530s since upgrading the firmware.

Thanks in advance for any help!


lebellium 04-22-2010 03:42 AM

This problem of "._" files comes from the mac OS, not from Samsung.
The only thing you can do is to delete manually those files I guess

umlawgrad 04-22-2010 05:36 PM


Thanks for responding. Can you tell me where I delete these files? I don't see them on the Mac or within the folders of the Y0.


lebellium 04-22-2010 05:40 PM

:confused: So where did you see them if you can't see them neither on the mac nor on the R0?
Have you tried the file browser of the R0?

Maybe those are hidden files. On Windows you have to enable the display of hidden files and folder. I don't know if there is such a setting on mac

sassafras 04-24-2010 12:50 AM

I've written a program that will delete all of those files the mac puts on there.

They are called double files, the Mac uses them so it can remember inane and unnecessary things like the size of the icon, and where the icon was in the folder, etc.

Using this program, you simply select the device you want to eject (after you have moved your songs to it) and it will delete any ._ files the Mac has added and will safely eject the device from your Macbook. Because there is NO WAY to stop the Mac from doing this every time you plug the device in, you need to use it every time you disconnect the device. It works for any mp3 player, thumb drive, or flash card. I use this program to eject anything from my Macbook that isn't a CD.


The thread refers to a problem you aren't experiencing, but the solution is the same.

umlawgrad 04-28-2010 02:51 AM



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