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User Name 04-02-2010 03:07 PM

Old firmware updater 1.0.010a
Hi, thanks in advance for any answer, I messed up my old and loyal Sansa e130, deleted the original firmware from it in recovery mode trying to updating to 2.0.010a, but I failed. I have downloaded the new firmware updater in Sansa's website but it doesn't work (stucks in progress). So, if anybody have it, please contact me.

I was trying to do this:

1. put together fw. 1.0.010e and 2.0.001e , download it (two files, both on oficial website sandisk, fw 1.x is here: http://sandisk.com/Assets/File/Downl...a-1.0.010e.exe , i cannot find link on sandisk, but google find him)
2. make sure, that you have all files backed up. After flashig is Sansa absolute empy. Download driver for Creativ Muvo TX FM mass storage (on Creative website, this is necessarily for installing device in RECOVERY MODE) and install it.
3. get into recovery mod -> lock HOLD button, press and lock up power/menu btn., connect on USB ( continually have pressed menu/power), for approximately 5-10 sec you can see new device found ( STMP3500 or thereabouts). Windows now install driver for this device(it use Creative driver).
4. Now you can try update your device with fw. 2.0.001e(confirm caution). If successful, you have it. If you see message: failed, dont worry.(i have tried 5 advances, but with same effect: failed….)
5. now is time for resuscitation: so, use flash number one(1.0.010e), program waiting on your Sansa, you must get into recovery mod and program begin with writing flash into Sansa (you can see progress). After this flashing you have same flash version like at beginning. (with flashing at version 1.x i have not problem, no failed messages)
6. in this step you write on Sansa flash version 2.0.001e, simply run flash updater, connect Sansa(in recovery mode), run updating. This step is equal like step n. 4, but with one difference: now pass flashing successful :) So, now you can get into menu, information and you can see new version 2.x, enjoy.
HELP!!! :(

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Audie61 12-20-2010 12:50 AM

Not solved for me, I've been able to update my firmware on XP computers, but not on vista or 7. Even on XP it is'nt exactly user friendly.

Can an e1** series player be reformated on a Vista/7 O/S ?
I have 4 of these players( cheap refurb 5 yrs ago) & a speaker dock, FM transmiters, leather cases, etc. They sound good to these 50 Yr. old ears & bring joy to my world when I'm shoveling snow or cutting grass or ........

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