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rbh 02-23-2010 02:12 PM

Does streaming wi-fi work?
I don't have an ibiza Rhapsody, but I'm considering one, so I have a few questions - if anyone could answer that would be great.

1. Can I stream, using wi-fi, from my networked home music PC? I get the impression that I can download to the player over wi-fi, but can I just stream directly and thus use it as a media client?
2. If so, can it acceptably play-out through Bluetooth at the same time as wi-fi streaming from the server?
3. Regardless of the above, can it acceptably play Rhapsody out over Bluetooth whilst streaming Rhapsody over wi-fi?
4. Various people have mentioned slow response times on button presses, but a lot of the comments come from a couple of years ago. I get the impression that Haier have provided lots of firmware upgrades - how does the player respond today?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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