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TX21000 02-07-2010 02:56 PM

Broken nomad zen 30 gig
Hi all,

Don't know if anyone can help me, ive had a nomad zen 30 gig for a while sat in the drawer,i damaged my original motherboard in it,so i bought a used one off ebay,now i cant get it to read the drive,it will power on and spin up but wont play anything,tried resetting drive,still wont work,

Motherboard model is PD0550,and hard drive is a Fujitsu 30 gig MHT203DAT,
Not sure what firmware i have,any help would greatly be appreciated.

Was lookin at gettin a new one but if i can get this one to work that would be cool.:o:o:o:D:D:D Ps only just found this website.

ZenChick 02-07-2010 11:51 PM

Off the top of my head, it sounds like your replacement board may be defective. However, we need to rule out the drive itself before making that judgment. You will need an external hard drive enclosure used for connecting 2.5" PATA (IDE) laptop drives over USB. Place the drive in the enclosure, plug it into a computer, and see if the computer can address the drive. Next, if you don't have anything on the drive you can't afford to lose, then try formatting the drive as a FAT32 volume (note: This is not the native filesystem for the Nomad, but it will prove that the drive works). Next, place the drive back in your Nomad and see if your player will boot into Emergency Mode. If it does, then select the Format option. If that all works, then you will need to reload the player's firmware, as this resides entirely on the drive.

Let me know how this all goes.

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