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minusflo 01-30-2010 03:51 PM

Toshiba Gigabeat T-400 Will Not Turn On?
Need help.

I have not used my T-400 for over 6 months and when I did yesterday it will not turn on. I kept charging the battery for almost 24 hours now through the USB but still it will not turn on. My computer does not even recognize it. I am using Windows 7. Whenever I plug the USB, the screen will have "gigabeat" display and a line at the bottom that flashes continuously.

What do I do? The manual is not helping a bit and the support website that used to exist is not there anymore. I have tried all the button combinations and the reset button but still the unit will not "power on."

Appreciate any assistance. I loved the sound of this unit when it was working.:(

Thank you,


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