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antillano 01-17-2010 09:07 AM

Trouble after updating Sigma Tel firmware
I have a Memorex mmp9008 http://www.memorex.com/en/Portable-E...ayer/support/]
*FM tuner
*2.5 tft screen
*Micro SD slot
*Voice and FM recorder
I was trying to update the firmware to 036.100.201 with the sigma tel Updater,(Provided on the memorex site for this device.)it said it was completed but now my player won’t display anything only the lights will go on.
I can see it in my Windows Device manager. I tried the Play button holding recovery trick with no results I also tried Updating the driver from windows but nothing happens. It does not go to recovery mode.
The updater That screwed me was:
*Version: 1.766.0.000
*Base SDK: SDK4.420
*USB Vid_pid: 066f_a010

I also tried with the Updater provided in this thread http://mympx.org/forum/dead-players/...e-updated.html With no luck.
Thanks in advance.

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