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Hulk Afroman 01-07-2010 04:56 PM

S3 plays only files in one folder.
I usually listen to audiocasts / datacasts aka podcasts.

My S3 does not jump to the next folder after playing a file in a subfolder located in the datacast-folder. (Or anywhere else). This is annoying, as in my case, usually each folder contains only one file (automatic sync creates folders) and I only listen once to each file.

Play mode is "Normal". I believe it is anything but!

My old and dying K7 is in "Repeat all" play mode and does all I want. Blinking stupid beauty S3 stays locked in the folder it stumbled upon and stays there until I manually go somewhere else, going through several layers of folders. AAAARGH! Stupid.

But who? I hope it's me and it is rtfm. If else, I really have a dilemma. Should I sell it for fixed price 1 € or just smash it? Can't honestly sell it when it "works" like this.

Help anyone?

Or is the K9 any good? I was SO happy with my K7 that I completely lost track with recent players.

lebellium 01-07-2010 05:42 PM

By K7 do you mean K5?
Samsung K7 and K9 do not exist ;)

Well, all Samsung mp3 players since the P2/T10/S5 do not jump to the next folder. I don't know why engineers did that, I agree that can be annoying.

Hulk Afroman 01-08-2010 02:34 AM

T7, T9, sorry.

Well, on the one hand I am relieved to not being stupid about it. On the other hand I am seriously worried about allt the drugs that must be in the food they serve at the Samsung cafeteria / canteen.

Is that true what lebellium wrote? How should I USE the player then? I am always open to learn new things, but I just don't know how to play the files I stored on it now. What use do 8 gigs of unaccessible music have?

I think I'll sell a white Samsung YP-S3 next week on eBay.de, or trade it to a T9.

But first I'll call the Samsung support and blow a whistle as hadr as I can if they don't know anything better.

So if it has to be Samsung, the T9 is the last one I could actually buy? Or I have to leave Samsung for something else. So sad...

lebellium 01-08-2010 06:39 AM

Of course what I say is true. I'm a Samsung expert, moderator and insider...

Not a good idea to get a T9 in 2010. There are many better products on the market today.

That is useless to call the Samsung support, you'll just get a pretty and nice woman on the line who absolutely does not care on your criticism.

And if you do not sleep when you listen to your music, you can jump to the other folder manually. That's not much effort.

Hulk Afroman 01-08-2010 08:17 AM

Sorry, lebellium, I did not see your status as moderator nor the number of posts, this underlines that you are not only probably right but surely right. Thanks for the quick help, mon ami! As a matter of fact, I often do sleep when I listen to podcasts, as I like to listen to them in bed, sleep timer activated. (An issue itself - sleep timer is deeeeeeeeeep in the settings/system menu, not where you need it.) Half asleep a folder change is a bad thing.

Regarding the folder advance treatment: I have to say that I am confused about two things: 1. that it is even possible that decent manufacturers decide to sell players with this "feature" and 2. how anyone can be happy with it. Not even "Shuffle" works in more than one folder! It will take some time to find something better. When I thought that I had, I read this:


Folder advance
When the Clip+ reaches the end of a folder (when used in file/folder mode), it either loops the folder or stops. There should be an option to let it continue to the next folder.
So it is back to step one - reading lots of reviews and posts in this fine forum, as these details are not part of the information provided by Samsung etc.

lebellium 01-08-2010 08:31 AM

I already reported this problem to the Korean R&D in the past but they did not care on that. That's strange because older Samsung mp3 players (like my YH-J70 for example) jumped to the next folder automatically.
I agree Samsung should let us the choice between stop or continue with the next folder.

Und du schreibst sehr gut auf english für einen Deutscher :D

Hulk Afroman 01-10-2010 06:08 AM

TY. Leaves on question for me:

Where can I find a good database for MP3 players? Ideally, it would work as a kind of selector or finder where you can check and uncheck specs to find the pool pf players to choose from. Tried to find it myself, but I failed.

lebellium 01-10-2010 06:22 AM


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