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Fzlue 12-25-2009 06:26 PM

JVC marshmallowsreally that good?
Just got a pair of JVC marshmallows for xmas. I've heard a lot of hype about these ear-buds, apparently they're some of the best out there.

They look cheap, and they cost cheap. Are they really as good as everyone's said?

WalkGood 12-25-2009 06:36 PM

They're good for the price, but far from what you say "apparently they're some of the best out there." But then again didn't you have SC's before, so you should find them a lot better than them and if you do the kramer mod, you should get some additional improvement.

Fzlue 12-25-2009 07:21 PM

Yeah, got the SC's 'cause a friend said they had good bass. But that's all they have. The crisp high tones and open mid tones in these were surprising.

Mind giving me more info on the kramer mod?

WalkGood 12-25-2009 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by Fzlue (Post 426503)
... Mind giving me more info on the kramer mod?

It's when you remove the paper filter from the nozzle and replace it with a cube of foam. The result is supposedly better bass and highs, you can get more detail by googling "jvc marshmallow kramer mod."

JK98 12-25-2009 08:28 PM

Compared to what is the question. Let us know how you like it. I have not heard any of the JVC earphones. I was favorably impressed by the Sennheiser CX300, and soon bought two spare ones after buying my first one. I wonder how the JVC marshmallows compare to the CX300 and Sony EX35.

FreeZ5 12-25-2009 10:39 PM

First, I have not heard the CX300 or EX35, so cannot compare.

Second, the JVC Marshmallows are not really earbuds. They are more canalphones or IEMs. I make this distinction because 'true' earbuds (like come with most mp3 players) constantly fall out of my ears, so they are useless to me, and have not used any in a LONG time.

Finally, I liked the sound of the FX-33 Marshmallows that I bought (current model is FX-34). The original earpieces were OK, but not as comfortable as I wanted. I replaced them with Ultimate Ears tips, and became very happy. What is the sound quality? Good enough for me, but NOT for many others on this forum, otherwise why would they use $80 - $1000 earphones.

I currently mostly use JVC FX-66 Air Cushions, but still use the modded FX-33s (they're sitting by my computer). I'm not certain that the Air Cushions are better than my UE-tip equipped Marshmallows, but I like them better.

Last week, here in the Niagara Region of Canada, I saw the FX-66s for $35 (Wal-Mart) or $37 (Future Shop). I think (but not certain) that the FX-34s were $20 (Future Shop). If I wanted another pair, I would get the FX-66s, rather than get FX-34s and have to order more UE tips. If I had extra UE tips, I would get the FX-34s.

So I guess I like them for the price, but haven't tried others in their price range. I keep saying that I would like to try other earphones, but get mp3 players instead.

Sorry for the long story, but I hope it helped. Also hope that everybody had a good and safe Christmas.


Fzlue 12-31-2009 01:28 PM

Well after a while using them, I like the JVC's a LOT better for music. The music sounds more surrounding and you hear parts in the song you've never noticed before.

I can't really use them for gaming though, the high tones are TOO high. Playing left4dead makes your ears bleed whenever you shoot. I've been using my JVC's for my player and my skulks for gaming.

Giraffes Rule 01-01-2010 06:35 PM

I've been through 3 or 4 pairs of these myself, and for the price they're very good. The only problem is I go through a pair every year it seems like. With my last set, the wire just pulled clean away from the jack one day, and I don't pull on the wire to take it out of my player either.

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