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byte 12-22-2009 11:31 PM

Could anyone recommend a fitting case? (ZHD)
Well I just bought a Zune HD (and promptly fell in love with it after 4 years of an iPod Mini) but... Well, with that shiny touchscreen I die a little with every fingerprint on it. Also, I tend to keep my player in my pocket so I think getting a good case might be in order.

There are a wealth of reviews here but a lot of them seem to be leading to ebay pages or dead links... I'm pretty sure I want something fairly form fitting, I'm just not sure if I need a screen protector; if my perception on them is right, they'd still get fingerprinted rather easily, right? And from what I hear the ZHD's screen is pretty resilient.

Would you guys recommend a purchase of some screen protectors, and will it offer any real benefit? And is there a nice form-fitting case I can buy?

What really irks me about a case, a necessary evil, is the fact that I have to cloth this sexy device in something potentially uglier...

Ended up getting a DLO Leather HipCase, seems nice, thanks anyways guys

Dilpickle1 12-29-2010 12:15 PM

I highly suggest the Rearth "Ringke" Zune HD case. Its as form fitting as you'll get.. and its super sexy.

Travelor 12-29-2010 01:30 PM

Personally I would recommend the Incipio "dermaShOT" - It is a great case in ussually comes with a screen cover that fits perfectly on a Zune HD.

I had my Zune HD for about a week and after a little dent showed up - I had to find something and I stumbled on the dermaSHOT. It fits like a glove. The soft gell material is great protection and shock absorber if the Zune ever gets dropped.

In Peace and Agape,

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