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tripsys 11-28-2009 04:22 PM

can you load playlists onto the sdhc card?
like can u make playlists on your computer, then load them onto the sdhc card, and then play them on the clip?

FreeZ5 11-28-2009 10:04 PM

First...the clip does NOT take an SDHC card of any form

Second...the Clip+ takes a micro SDHC card.

Please specify the correct player when asking questions. Somebody in another thread asked about Clip firmware and got good advice. But they own a Clip+, so it was actually NFG.

I don't have a Clip+ but have a Fuze. Yes playlists work on the micro SDHC card. I create them in the following manner...

1. copy songs to microSDHC card using drag & drop
2. place card in player and connect to PC (if not done before step 1)
3. create playlist using songs from the card in Winamp
4. save the playlist to the card.

As I understand, it should work the same on the Clip+. Just did it a couple of days ago with some Chrismas songs.


tripsys 11-30-2009 05:44 PM

awesome! sorry ya i was talking about the clip+ i shoulda been more specific.
but thanks a lot its good to know you can make playlists for the micro sdhc card. and thanks for the directions too!

Otto K 11-29-2012 02:00 PM

I have Clip+ with the 16 gbyte SDHC. I use Windows Explorer to drag my folders and subfolders of .mp3 files from the PC into the music folder. Then, holding the Ctrl key down, I can select some of them, right-click, and choose "Create Playlist" from the popup menu. That choice appears when Settings > System settings > USB mode is set to auto-detect, which is the initial setting of a new device. It creates a .pla file in the folder I have open with the name "New Playlist", which has to be renamed and dragged into the Playlists folder. That process works well for me, because I am not trying to make a playlist of individual tracks selected from multiple folders.

I also installed Winamp, and stuff that Winamp requires. But when I asked Winamp to scan the computer for media, none of the SanDisk memory (internal or external) was in the list to choose from. As I later learned (below), the USB mode has to be changed to MSC.

FreeZ5 11-29-2012 07:20 PM

Well Otto, this is a three year old thread almost exactly. But I guess, it's still a good thread of info.

With one exception, I forgot to mention that I always use MSC mode. I'm pretty sure that your player is in MTP or Autodetect mode.

The other thing that I should have mentioned (and have in other topics) is that I do not use the media library feature of Winamp. I use Windows Explorer, single click on the music file, and then choose "Enqueue & Play in Winamp". Repeat for as many songs as desired.

And this thread reminds me that it is time to get to work on my Christmas playlists for this year.


Hamasper 11-29-2012 07:23 PM


Otto K 12-03-2012 07:28 AM

A couple of observations about Winamp. The playlists it creates are .m3u files, not .pla. And they work outside the Playlists folder, but not inside. Also, at one point Winamp asked if I wanted to manage the Clip+ "as a Winamp device". Assuming I had no choice, I said yes. But I discovered later that means the "Create Playlist" option gets replaced by the Enqueue in Winamp option. To get back to the mode I prefer, I did several things, which might not all be necessary. (1) Set the USB mode back to auto-detect. (2) Uninstall Winamp from the PC. (3) Format the Clip+, which only affects the internal memory, not the SDHC. It took some combination of those 3 things to prevent the Clip+ from stubbornly reverting to its "Winamp device" identity without giving me a choice.

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