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zemik 07-27-2009 09:25 PM

WMPinfo.xml on S3
hi every1
here's my problem: when i sync my s3 with WMP11, the option "Create folder hierarchy on device" is not available to check/uncheck and it is checked but as you can imagine i need it unchecked... so i can create my playlists easily

i almost solved it like this: when you sync a device with WMP it creates a file named "WMPinfo.xml" in the device's main root, so i syncronized a common usb device with WMP, unchecked the "hierarchy" box and copied it to the S3... it worked! now the box was unchecked, however still unchangeable, but it doesn't matter. now the problem is that the sync takes forever! scince the xml is from another device i guess its not completely compatible...

so does any1 know how 2 uncheck the "Create folder hierarchy on device" box and keepin the normal transfer speed on the s3??

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