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riseFOR 07-19-2009 04:59 PM

Questions about Archos 605 and DVR Station
Well my Archos 605 is expected to come tomorrow and I am going to buy the web browser plug in, but I was also thinking about getting the DVR Station as well.
1) I already have TiBO but I was wondering if when I record a TV Show on to my Archos 605 using the DVR Station can I watch it later without having it docked to the DVR Station. I would find it helpfull because then I could watch shows I recorded on the road?

2) Also I saw a Youtube video of a video game CoD4 Montage. It said he shot it it using the Archos 605 DVR station so does the station act as sort of a Capture Card that I could upload video game footage onto my computer? Because I was going to get a Dazzle Cap Card but this may be even better.

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