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roosterboy 06-22-2009 03:14 PM

I need some clarification(on wi-fi) and is the archos 605 right for me?
Well i've been looking at this player for some time. I'm still a newby at Mp3s though. Does Wi-Fi mean i have to find a hotspot or wireless connection to use Wi-FI (i'd be getting the browser plug-in)?

Now i know this has probably been posted before by other users but is this a good product?

I travel a lot and that's why i want a new video capabel player. I want decent sound but i'm not gonna buy any special headphones(maybe a bluetooth pair) so i don't care a crazy amount but most of the time i will be listening to music on it. I don't need playlist as long as i have some way of organizing my music (ie. folders). I'm not sure if this is drag-and-drop or not but that would be a huge plus. I'm pretty good with a computer so no problems there. I would look forward to using the wi-fi(even though im not sure what that is). Games are another plus.

Also, how fast is the browser? I know you can go on Youtube but is it practical to use? What about flash games? Can you buy games for the player? Thanks!

Puer 06-24-2009 05:21 AM

I love my Archos's...yes, 3 of them! Ive shopped around for different players and what i wanted most was a video/MP3 player. The other Archos features are just a bonus IMO. Yes, Archos is a good product. As far as WiFi, Yes, you need to be in range of a Hotspot. I use the free hotspots at coffee shops to check my email and watch videos on you tube. Ive been very happy that feature. Its not a super fast browser but ive had no probs watching many videos online. You can download many many free games for the Archos, however, many games run pretty slow or sluggish. There is a comprehensive list at the ARCHOS FANS FORUM of FREE working games.
I really like my 605/705 and long departed 504. I use them daily, mostly because I commute. For traveling...they are perfect! You will read about some not so perfect things herre, but each PVP on the market has its pros and cons...the only glaring con for the Archos, IMO, is the lack of ongoing support for the discontinued units and Ive heard from many many people their customer service is Horrible horrible horrible! C'mon Archos...treat your customers w/ respect, we keep the bread on your table.

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