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gromit 05-21-2009 04:13 PM

Power on/off, channel change from 405
I am using a Philips DVDR 5500 as the video source for my Archos 405. I'm using the SCART out on the DVD via the DVR Station; I use the HDMI out on the DVD to my TV.

Timed recordings work fine, as long as I leave the DVD switched on to the channel I want. However, I can't get the Archos to control the DVD recorder by remote control. I think I've tried all of the power off codes, but none seem to work. And I can't get the channels to change either. This is really annoying, as it means I can only record programs from one channel.

Could anyone recommend how I can get the Archos/DVR Station to control the DVD recorder?

Another thing I've noticed sometimes is if I switch off the TV when the Archos is halfway through a recording, the DVD recorder resets, and if I'm lucky I just get a few seconds of blank audio/video when I play the recording back; if I'm unlucky, the soundtrack resumes after the DVD resets, but the image remains frozen.

Could anyone advise how I could avoid these annoying interuptions?

Many thanks in advance.

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