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SoliloCey 03-29-2009 12:22 AM

Archos 5 - what can I expect?
Hi guys,

I've been considering getting a new PMP, since my last one just died on me after 3 years, I should have upgraded my iPod a long long time ago, anyways I was considering getting the Archos 5, since I have 80gig of lossless FLAC files, and will want to stick on some sitcoms, and it crowd to watch for my long haul flights from australia, to San francisco, Kuala Lumpur, and Manchester.

I was wondering how to put songs and videos on the archos 5? do you do it through Foobarr/WMP? or does it act as a harddrive? and can I play AVI, and FLAC on the Archos, or do i buy the packages? what does the DV-R add-on do?


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