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glfnaz 03-22-2009 08:37 PM

Meizu Mini M6--help me remove "random / Shuffle"
I am new.
I have the music loaded just fine and the player sounds fine.
I need help removing the shuffle feature.
I wish it to be *off*.


lewislink 03-22-2009 09:01 PM

Go into "Settings", then go into "Main Menu" and scroll till you see "Random". Tap the middle of the touchpad to turn it on or off. Then go back to the first screen and find "Random" and tap the touchpad to turn it on or off.

glfnaz 03-22-2009 09:20 PM

I may not be describing properly.

Settings > Random--it *is* off.

I have an INFINITY type of indicator for random / shuffle in the upper right hand corner when a song plays.

At each album when I hit the NEXT button, the songs come up out of order.

Much thanks for the help. Sincerely.

The GUI on this is really different.

lewislink 03-22-2009 09:35 PM

Going into the "Main menu" to select "Random" puts "Random" on the main screen...the first screen...where it can be turned on or off. If "Random" is on but is not showing up on either the "Settings" screen or the main screen, you will need to go into the "Main menu" screen and turn it "On". When you do this you will be able to deactivate "Random" on the main screen.

glfnaz 03-22-2009 10:10 PM

I've been at this for hours.

Random is *off*

When I hit the >>I button, songs are not in order and there is a sideways figure 8 ( infinity sign) in the upper rt hand corner.

Random is *off*.

lewislink 03-22-2009 10:31 PM

Okay, step by step.

Go into the "Settings" main menu like below. This menu will have the right side of the screen populated with "On" or "Off":


Find the "Random" and turn it "On" like in the screen above.

Once you turn it "On", hit the back button...at the top of the touchpad...till you get to the main "Main menu" like in the screen below. The right side of this menu screen will be populated mostly with these ">".


When you are on the screen above, turn "Random" off.

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