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oxEternityxo 03-12-2009 10:32 PM

Deleted songs, but they still show up on Clix?
Hello there... i've had my 1st generation iRiver Clix for about a couple years now and this has never happened...

but i uploaded a playlist recently... and when i went to listen to it, some songs never worked... it just skipped past it and went directly to the next song.

so, i went back onto my WMP and deleted the songs that didnt work, but my Clix still has the songs listed and when i choose the songs, the player just spazzes and keeps trying to play the song even though its already deleted... i even deleted the playlist and while on WMP it says that the playlist does not exist, it still shows up on my iRiver Clix.

Can somebody please help me fix this? i dont know what to do. the songs i deleted dont show up while my Clix is plugged into WMP, but they still show up in the Clix menu!! those stupid songs that don't work are taking up my memory!! HELP PLEASE =(

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