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cjargo72 01-23-2009 04:10 PM

my ibiza rhapsody is in coma
I have an ibiza rhapsody 30 g player. being fairly uninformed as to the care and feeding of the device, i was unaware that it required periodic connections to wifi in order to install new updates. as a result of my ignorance (in all fairness to myself, there was no information regarding this aspect of the device included with the package) my player is now totally unresponsive to anything. It is on, and will not shut down. None of the controls are active. I purchased it on line from amazon, so I do not have a store to return it to, nor do I have any information regarding the warranty on the device. I would be more than willing to ship it to anyone who is able to correct the problem and restore it to life. If there are any interested and capable people out there, please contact me, Jeff anderson @ cjargo710211@att.net.


jakep_82 01-27-2009 05:45 PM

If you press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds it will turn off. If for some reason that doesn't work you can use a pin to press the reset button on the bottom. The last firmware was released in October. I would suggest upgrading if you haven't already.

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