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band_geek_06 01-15-2009 07:26 PM

Video on LPlayer
So I just got my new 8GB LPlayer in the mail today. I've set it to MSC for some drag-and-drop goodness, and it transfers files fine. However, I've been striking out on video conversion. "iriver plus 3", the program that came with the player, doesn't want to convert my files. I also tried SUPER video converter, in both WMV and AVI, and the player won't work with either of the files that I converted. Any advice on how to get my videos in the right format to play on this thing?

band_geek_06 01-16-2009 10:35 AM

Apparently the MPEG-4 in AVI and WMV9 in WMV both need to be in "Simple Profile"... Any programs that do that?

Boo-urns 01-20-2009 09:27 PM

I've had great success using MediaCoder.


I use Xvid in AVI container 320 x240 @ 300kbps, MP3 @ 128kbps. You need to select crop to fit for widescreen videos otherwise you lose half your screen to black bars. Didn't bother with "simple profiles". My converted files are about 1/3 the size of original, could be leaner but I really like the quality. Let me know if you need help setting up your presets.

band_geek_06 01-22-2009 06:11 PM

Thanks, I've tried mediacoder before. I ended up with iRiverter, which dftk suggested over IRC. I also got a Cowon D2 profile for it.

I think the problem was the files I was trying to convert--they were all wmv's, and iRiverter didn't like them either. When I tried some xvid's they worked just fine.

Christian K 12-13-2009 10:06 AM

Ok, so i tried all the softwares quoted in this thread -- iRiverter, MediaCoder -- and a few others as well.

I'm generating perfectly valid Xvid / AVI container files, 320 x240. Still none of them can be read by the Lplayer, it always says "this file format is not supported".

Even worse, when I try to transfer them via the iRiver Plus 3 software, this software is correctly playing the files, but when I transfer it says "(110) Conversion failed because codec doesn't exist".

Am I missing something ?!

PS: my settings:

In iriverter: Options > Device > iriver > 4 - clix / U10
(the Lplayer is not listed in the options)
This results in an AVI file with codec: XVID, size: 320x240, bitrate: 384 kbps.

In MediaCoder, my settings are:
Video > Format: XviD, Encoder: XviD
Container > AVI
Picture > Resize: 320x240
XviD > Simple Profile Level 0 (??? really not sure what this means)
Note: there seems to be a problem with the container setting -- even when I select AVI, MediaCoder generates a .mp4 file.
In Any DVD Converter Pro 3.1.1 (Mac OSX)
Setting: iRiver B20/X20/Clix 2/E100/Lplayer

In Any Video Converter Pro 3.0.1 (WinXP)
Setting: iRiver B20/X20/Clix 2/E100/Lplayer

Always the same problem: the resulting .AVI seems perfectly valid, but is rejected by the Lplayer.

My Lplayer firmware version: 1.06 G_U
My iRiver Plus 3 version:

Christian K 12-14-2009 11:24 AM

Partial success !
After a lot of trial-and-error, I finally got some files working. But still the behavior of the Lplayer is somehwat erratic ...

Picture this: I have three different AVI files, file (A) created with AnvSoft's "Any Video Converter Pro 3.0.1", files (B) and (C) created with iRiverter 17.1.

- On first attempt, the Lplayer will always give "this file format is not supported" when clicking file A and B.
- File C is playing correctly.
- After file C has played, files A and B are playing correctly as well.

Also, I seem to remember that the iRiver Plus 3 software gave me error messages when trying to transfer files A and B (i then dragged them manually over to the /video folder on the iRiver).

The behaviour of this iRiver Plus 3 software seems slightly improved after I installed MPlayer/MEncoder on the computer.

Still, I have some files, originally MPEG1 files encoded to AVI/XviD by iriverter, that the Lplayer stubbornly refuses to play. Those files have exactly the same encoding as the iRiver sample files, so it's a total mystery to me. :confused:

I analyzed the iRiver sample videos present on the device, their specs (according to MediaCoder) are:
Container: AVI
Video bitrate: 288-491 Kbps
Video codec: MPEG-4 Visual/XviD (XviD 1.1.0 and 1.1.2)
XviD profile: Simple@L3 / AdvancedSimple@L5
Writing application: MEncoder 1.0pre8-3.4.4 / MEncoder 1.0rc1-3.4.4

At least now we know how the iRiver engineers encoded their files, and that MEncoder is the way to go.

Regarding the various encoder frontends, my conclusion is that iRiverter gives the best chances of success. Here is the current home of this software: http://iriverter.thestaticvoid.com/

auareldo 01-20-2010 06:39 PM

What works
Hi, I was able to easily convert video for my new L player and it played just fine. I used a well known program that I normally can't stand.

1. I used Real Player to convert some flv files. It has a whole set of new file conversion features that you should take a look at. I used it's "Zune" setting. It just converts the files to wmv. You can change the settings for bit rate and whatever, but I left it in the default settings.

2. I used Windows Media Player 10 to sync the converted files to the L Player. If the file you have is a wmv file media player will usually automatically convert it to fit the device automatically if the device is MTP.

I probably could have put the videos on with Real Player itself, but I didn't want to change the player’s settings to the mcs or whatever it is mode that is not MTP. Real player won't recognize the device in MTP mode.

I don't see any reason for using the software that came with the device because it is not as good as windows media player for transfering to MTP devices. And Real Player has some good conversion features, even though usually I don't even want to ever use it for anything.

Just thought I would share what worked for me.

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