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AJRobson 10-24-2006 08:30 AM

Archos FM Recorder won't turn on
Just put a new battery into my Archos Jukebox FM recorder (month ago) and installed Rockbox software.

When I turn it on, it just goes into USB mode... as if it is plugged into my PC. I've tried moving the USB cable in and out (when it is off) to make sure the contacts aren't dirty.

Also removed and replaced battery to reset at least part of it.

But no luck.

Any ideas? I do have access to the files via PC so can remove the Rockbox if needed.

Please help!!

AJRobson 10-25-2006 10:44 AM

Wow. Not even a single response.

I have now tried reformatting the drive and reloading the firmware. Still no change.

And Archos informs me that they can NOT repair it since they don't make parts for it.

That sucks. I thought their products were fairly decent. Guess I was wrong.

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