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Andreas 08-28-2008 09:43 AM

**OUTDATED**Guide to Sony model numbering
Sony er rather peculiar when it comes to naming their player, only using model numbers that as enzo said you need a degree in crypthology to make sense of. It does make some sense but may not be obvious at first, especially for people not familiar with Sonys. therefor, here is a short guide:

The First part of the model number is either NW or NWZ. NW is asian models, NWZ are american and european models.

The second part is a letter and 3 numbers. The letter shows the model type and the first number shows how advanced the model is, more or less.

The second number shows the generation. The first generation was players such as the A800 which used sonic stage. Then the A810 came as gen 2, A820 as gen 3, and we're now at gen 4 even though theres not A830 (yet) - there are however other gen 4 players.

The last number shows capacity. 3 means 1GB, 5 means 2GB, 6 means 4GB, 8 means 8GB and 9 means 16GB. 0 is an indication of the player regardless of capacity.

Sometimes the model number is also shwon with one or more letters at the end. Often thats the color, ex BLK for black. KB for the A820 series means bluetooth ehadphones are included.

B - stick players, current model B130
E - small flash players, current model E430
S - medium flash players, current model S630 and S730 (extra feature for S730: Noise Cancellation)
A - large (screen) flash players, current model A720 and A820 (extra feature for A820: BlueTooth)

Example of use of these model number codes:
The NWZ-A829 vs the NWZ-A726: Both are european models. both are the A series, generation 3, design is identical. The A820 has BT which the A720 doesnt, hence the higher numbering for more advanced features. The A829's last number, 9, means its 16GB. The A726's last number, 6, means it's 4GB.

Confusing? Yup thats Sony for you

Ascariss 09-09-2008 02:01 AM

Let's complicate stuff some more
There is more logic behind the lettering but it doesn't always make sense later on. Let me explain, here are the names for the letters.

General ideas

B - Basic
E - Econimic
S - Specialized
A - Advanced
NW - network Walkman

Most the players follow this rule more or less but of course there are some exceptions when it comes to sony.
-A players getting noise cancelling NW-A820, but then NWZ-A820 does not get it.
-S players have radio added on while A does not. again one could argue a radio is specialized and so its on the S model
-although it is possible headphones also play a role, the new E43x models come with cheapo headphones while the S63x models come with higher end headphones and the 700 series usually coming with noise cancelling headphones and always with the S letter. (this started in the first gen 700 series with the Noise cancelling)

HD based player naming scheme
They initially started out as flash based but moved to HDD in the HD-1 (hard drive 1) then moved onto HD-3 and then HD-5. Of course the numbers only showed that 5 was newer than 3 and so forth. Then the newer HDD based models arrived, the A1000 and A3000, and later the A1200. Unfortunataly the numbers didn't show well the sizes of the hardrives

A1000 - 6 gigs
A1200 - 8 gigs
A3000 - 20 gigs

although divide 6/1000 = 0.006
0.006x1200 = 7.2
0.006x3000 = 18
so its not close to the 8 and 20 gigs

Atrac vs Non-Atrac
Although I agree NW and NWZ specify which area the device is sold but it wouldn't be asian vs NA/europe since the NWZ models are on sale in india, australia, new zealand, and other asian countries. It probably is to differenitiate between atrac and non atrac models. Since all NWZ models can't play back atrac.

Generations and Capacity
I agree on the the middle number, it does show generation, and clearly since Cptnodegard pointed it out

80x - first gen
81x - second gen
82x - third gen
83x - fourth gen (presumed)

But there is no 83x but there is a 73x series and 63x series on sale now, so and this signals the 4th gen. Again as Cptnodegard pointed out.

ex. F in the naming signifies radio (FM) as in NWZE436FB, FM radio and black in colour.

As for capacity, since 9 is 16 gigs now is it highly possible that 9 will become 32, 8 will become 16, 6 will be 8 gigs, but I have no such info to support this idea.

R - Red
B/BLK - Black
S - Silver
P - Pink
L - Blue

I am sure more could be added but I'd have to dig for full model numbers of older players.

zefhar 03-29-2011 04:54 PM

What about sq? Do A series sound better than B using the same headphones?

3602 03-25-2012 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by zefhar (Post 546188)
What about sq? Do A series sound better than B using the same headphones?

Supposed to. The new A series have S-Master MX and the B, well, does not.

QuiGonJohn 10-10-2013 07:58 AM

I'm confused, because I've been looking at the NWZ-E374 or the NWZ-E384, and they both say they are 8GB.

From your guidelines above, that ought to make the last number be 6. 4 isn't even listed.

Also, my previous player was an NWZ-S545, which was 16GB, but according to above, that would have made it only 2GB.
Have those guidelines changed over the last couple of years.

skip252 10-10-2013 08:34 AM

====I've added **OUTDATED** to the thread title. That should alert anyone that it's better to check the specs of the model that interests them than try to depend on this guide.====

This guide was somewhat accurate when it was first posted. Sony has moved features into different players and changed their model ID system since then. For instance this doesn't reflect the S series seems to no longer be available and that F series android based models are.

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