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hubbalicious 08-01-2008 09:48 PM

604 battery "explodes"
hi all. new to this forum but have a crazy battery problem and wondering if this has happened to anyone else. first off, a rant about the docking station and effect on battery life. when the unit is docked the battery is continuously charged and the life gets severely reduced, to the point where i can only watch about 15 mins of video before the battery dies. so i bought an extra battery to use when i travel with the archos. they should have made an auto shut-off feature on the docking station charger.

now the real problem. i noticed a few months ago that the battery started splitting apart. i thought maybe my wife dropped it at some point or the unit got squeezed real hard while in a bag and didn't give it much thought. didn't effect anything besides making it a little tight when removing and replacing the battery. but just today when i unplugged from my computer, the battery literally split open and is hanging together by a thread. there is obviously some sort of physical expansion that occurred inside the battery. i can get the battery back on and the archos still works with this battery, so my questions are:

1. has this happened to anyone else?!?! on any type of gadget??
2. is it safe to keep using this battery or will it eventually explode for real and potentially damage a) the unit, b) the docking station, c) any part of my body if i happen to be holding it if/when it explodes?
3. can i make archos replace the battery even if i've had it for over a year? i plan to call them to ask personally, but just want to see if anyone can suggest a good argument to make them replace the battery.

i don't want to waste the second battery i bought by having it docked continuously in the docking station, thereby killing its useful life and possibly "exploding" on me again.

Tezmin556 04-06-2009 02:30 PM

holey moley

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