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rubennyc 07-29-2008 06:14 PM

vibez firmware update 1.19 Beta
The feedback thread: http://www.riovolution.org/post/13887

The readme & download: http://www.trekstor-uk.co.uk/beta/up...beta-v1.19.htm

The skinny:
  • "Karma playlisting" - Restored ability to create and edit playlists independently of the Now Playing list.
  • FLAC decoder upgraded to 1.2.1
  • Embedded album art now supported for FLAC
  • Lullaby feature. Option to power off device (if possible) in a set time (<= 4 hours). It is also possible to fade out the volume during this period as well as extend shutdown time ("Dead man's switch").
  • History. A history of selected music is available and can be used in a similar way to normal music.
  • Cue files. External cue files are now parsed and presented per track on a 'Cue' rotary popup (switch on separately). Internal 'cue' formats are also understood for WMA and FLAC files. Please see section below also.
  • Fixed issues in DJ 'Play Rating' dialog.
Enjoy. :)

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