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larrytxeast 07-24-2008 06:46 PM

Sansa e280 User--Clip for Beater-Use?
I have the Sandisk Sansa e280, the 8G refurbished for $60 from Buy.Com, got it 7-16-2008. Also got an 8 Gigabyte microSD, arrived today, to make it a 16 Gigabyte model effectively. (Yes it is Rockbox'd.)

That said, at this point I barely even use 4 Gigabytes, having used a 4G Sansa m260 with about 700 megabytes left over. Even before I add any songs, though, that may change as the original configuration consisted of my MP3s converted to 80k-96k WMA files, I've going back to the MP3s (most, although not all, of which are 128k files). I had used the 80-96k WMA files to save space--now with 16G available, looking at going back with MP3s since they're universal and wouldn't be a "downgrade" as it were (although the 96k WMA files especially actually seem to sound pretty good).

Now that I've blabbed, the real point of my thread--the Clip appeals to me as a designated work-out companion--whether it's bicycle-riding, playing basketball, that sort of thing. I love how it just clips to your hip or shirt as-is, and the easy-to-press 5-way would help with changing songs by feel. (In working out, I often-times have it shuffle all songs, or may use a playlist). The simple display seems like something I wouldn't mind if it caught a few scuffs, as opposed to the more luxurious one of the e280.

I'm not looking to replace the e280 I've only had a week, I love it, I just like the idea of the Clip as a work-out buddy. The m260 I had before is no longer because it wouldn't stay on my hip while playing basketball, I became upset and stomped on it (nice move!). Otherwise it would be my work-out model.

So, the questions:

(1) The Clip is roundly praised for its sound quality. I actually find my e280 good-sounding, would listening to the Clip then cause me to become dis-satisfied with the e280 which I currently think sounds good?

(2) So far the Clip, which doesn't have microSD expansion ability, comes as a 4 Gigabyte model. The songs so far which I have are less than that, but I would rather have an 8 Gigabyte model I am sure that would be plenty. Any word on a possible 8G version coming up?

(3) Maybe a Fuze instead? Then again, no clip--and while the Fuze or e280 are hardly monster-sized, that Clip--so small!

(4) Sorry for such a "loaded" thread--but have any of you that have listened to 80-96k WMA files found them inferior sound-quality wise? Otherwise that configuration might work with a 4G clip.

Sorry if it's too "loaded" of a thread.

Sandisk Sansa e280, v1, 01.13.18A, Rockbox'd, 8G SanDisk microSDHC

dfkt 07-24-2008 06:51 PM

1) Depends on your headphones and quality standards. Some people might not even notice a difference in sound quality.

2) If Sandisk is clever they will release an 8GB model, since the Clip seems to sell like hotcakes. However, we don't know.

3) Completely up to you.

4) I find tracks at this encoding quality (and especially with this sub-par codec) to be awful, but if you're OK with it, so be it. Since the Clip now supports Ogg Vorbis, you can get better quality than WMA at the same file size.

larrytxeast 07-24-2008 07:08 PM

Tried to Use HTML for Link, Can't Seem To, Oh Well
To dfkt

You mentioned that the Clip now supports Ogg Vorbis which sounds better than WMA at the same file-size. A couple of questions.

(1) If I heard right, don't you have to have the ID3 tags in all-caps for it to work? Heard a bug in the firmware created this scenario if I recall.

(2) What converter is a good one to use? For the MP3 to WMA conversion, I used
"Free MP3 WMA Converter" by Renan Broquin, from this site: http://www.koyotesoft.com/indexEn.html. I saw where it also allows conversion to Ogg. And what is a good bit-rate for converting 128k MP3s?

(3) Sorry for the "loaded" reply, but doesn't the e280 also play Ogg files if it's been Rockbox'd?

Thanks for your tips.

dfkt 07-24-2008 07:16 PM

1) I tag my files with Tag&Rename and don't care about manual stuff - all Vorbis files work fine for me.

2) This is my favorite Vorbis frontend: http://members.home.nl/w.speek/oggifier.htm

3) Yes, Rockbox plays Vorbis (and much more formats than all other players available).

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