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gblue 07-19-2008 09:22 AM

How to report an EmoDio bug to Samsung?
I think I've found a bug in EmoDio and I'm trying to figure out how to report it. A couple of the datacast channels I subscribe to aren't updating with the latest podcasts. Others do but a couple don't. Here's an example. This one works fine:


But this one does not:


If you view the source on both of those xml pages, you'll see that there is a "pubDate" node towards the top of the files. There is also a "pubDate" node within each of the "item" nodes. The problem seems to occur when the pubDate at the top is older than the most recent pubDate node in the item nodes.

My guess is that EmoDio is storing the pubDate at the top of the file and if it hasn't changed, even though there are new item nodes, it assumes there are no new podcasts posted. You could argue that the problem is with the publisher and they should update their pubDates and I tend to agree except that iTunes handles the same podcasts beautifully.

I'll report the problem to Vanguard but I'd also like to report the problem to Samsung. Does anybody here know how to do that?

RB86 05-16-2010 01:33 PM

Hi, I have the same issue. I have updated my EmoDio but it still doesn't download some Podcast, while it download others.

I don't understand why.

Do you got the solution ?


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