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denise H 07-11-2008 10:32 AM

Archos 504 - possible to replace the hard drive and up load archos software?
Hi, please can anyone help? we have a broken :( archos 504 and it is just 18 months old. we did not drop it or anything like that. it was recording from the TV via the cradle and when we disconnected it and picked it up it was very, very hot. after that it no loger worked and makes hard drive broken type noises!!

I am not sure how long the warranty is for (Archos are not very helpful and absolutely no good at answering questions and e-mails!! :confused:) we live in spain and a friend told me that everything bought here has a 3 year warranty - any thoughts on this?

Also if it is not under warranty does anyone know if it is possible to replace the hard drive (I have a clever son who can do this:)) and is it possible to replace the archose software so the new hardrive becomes an archos again?

it all seems like a waste of 400 if we cannot fix it.

I am in touch with Archos and they just tell me to send it back with no explanation of if it is covered by the warranty or not :confused:
I am confused and feel the archos customer service is not very good!


2nice 07-12-2008 12:58 PM

they can fix it but they may charge depending on the damage (if it's covered by warranty or not)

lnlver 04-15-2015 10:41 PM

I replaced a hard drive for my Archos 504 today. I have several units (hey, I love the interface), and I took out a hard drive from a unit with a bad screen and installed it in a unit that had a bad hard drive. This unit had version 1.5.## firmware; my other units all have 1.6.53 firmware, which was the latest version Archos developed.

When I installed the hard drive and turned the device on, the opening screens displayed just fine, but I was not able to play any music or movies. Also, the USB connection did not work, so I was not able to read or copy any files from my computer to it.

I was stymied, so I did some research on the subject and learned that the 1.5.## firmware does not allow for any changes in the hard drive. The software apparently reads some information off the hard drive during start up, and if this does not match up with the information from the firmware, the device will not read certain information off the hard drive.

Eventually, I was playing around with the buttons and clicked on 'browser'. I noticed that I had a copy of firmware version 1.6.53 on this hard drive. I selected this file and then was prompted to connect the device with the USB cord to a computer, which I did.

I clicked on 'ok' once more and was able to successfully install the new firmware. After that, the device worked perfectly! Apparently, the trick is to put a copy of the 1.6.53 firmware on the hard drive before installing it in a new device.

I don't know if all 2.5" hard drives will work in one of these 504 devices; it may depend on the pin configuration or other reasons. I was fortunate that I had identical hard drives - Hitachis.

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