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smart81 06-22-2008 01:06 PM

Trekstor Organix I/O error.
Hi! i recently bought 2 trekstor organix 2Gb players (one for me and one for present to a friend...) but both of them in all the computers that i connect them gives me an I/O error. The error happens when i transfer files to the players. The copy of the files of course is never completed and i can use it like this... The common thing is that all the PCs i used are running winXP (sp2)....

The players have the latest firmware (v400-6260-0507) and i re-flash it and re-format many times!

I went to the service but they checked it on Vista! and it worked just fine. :confused:
So, they said that the player has nothing wrong!

Because i love this player does anybody had this problem? Is there a solution that i can try?

(if someone could give me a link for an older firmware version, please!)

Thank you in advance.

smart81 11-15-2008 06:35 PM

I'm curious... noone ever had this problem with Organix Fm and windows Xp?
Just for the record, i found the solution by myself! So, if anybody has this error just pm me and i'll post what to do.

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