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Weena 06-10-2008 12:22 PM

YP-P2 Battery Replaceable? Eventually?
from what i have read in the forums and reviews the battery gets very good life. 35 hrs music and 5-7hrs of video on paper.

but what happens when it runs out? is it one of those players that you just buy another one of? or will we eventually be able to buy replacements?

juggleboy711 06-10-2008 01:40 PM

you recharge it. :D

Dallassallad 06-10-2008 02:12 PM

I think he means when the battery life shortens, as all rechargeable batteries do. On e.g. Ipods (excuse the cursing ;)), you can change the batteries either by bringing it in to an apple store or by (albeit voiding the guaranty) changing it yourself.
I mailed Samsung regarding this very issue abut two months ago, but never recieved an answer.

Weena 06-14-2008 02:06 PM

yes dallas is correct. thank you for that information. hopefully some kind of battery replacement plan or do it yourself kit will be produced eventually.

sassafras 06-14-2008 03:33 PM

For info on prolonging your batteries life:


rearviewmirror 06-14-2008 04:47 PM

Lets face it, the lack of a replaceable battery is the P2's number 1 downfall, in my opinion. But there's no way they would make any battery kit will be produced for it, ever. There are basically no accessories in stores for it, so I doubt anything like that will be made.

BestofWest 06-14-2008 09:15 PM

Its not the number 1 downfall if most mp3 players are like that today...

sassafras 06-15-2008 12:42 PM

Most mp3 players with "non removable" batteries have aftermarket kits to replace the battery when it starts to wear. Consider that the P2 is barely 6 months old I don't think it's fair to assume that the battery will never be replaceable in the future.

rearviewmirror 06-15-2008 08:44 PM

Well most accessories are released within 6 months of release if sales are good. Or if they get good towards the end they'll get an endorsement deal and start pumping out "Made for P2" stuff. That's what the Sansa got.

sassafras 06-16-2008 12:44 PM

None of the aftermarket batteries are really ever "endorsed" by the company making the mp3 player. Their installation tends to void your warranty and all that. But, generally speaking, replacement batteries only need to happen when the warranty is no good anymore anyway.

aarons510 01-20-2010 04:45 PM

Is the battery replaceable in the sense that one can take a good battery from a broken unit of the same model and use it to replace a worn-out battery in an otherwise-good unit? Can it be done without soldering or other difficult operations?

sassafras 01-21-2010 01:15 PM

If I recall correctly, it requires you to unsolder and resolder the two points for the battery. Not hard work if you have ever wielded a solder gun before, but probably more daunting if you're a solder virgin.

kdaniel6217 01-28-2010 08:45 AM

Ive noticed the T10 has a same battery as the P2, just smaller.
If you have a dusty t10 around, just replace that with ur P2 battery.

Also im sure other Samsung mp3s have same battery as the P2.

cindersphere 02-12-2010 04:58 AM

Why are you replying to a 2 year old topic?

sassafras 02-12-2010 12:48 PM

Because there is no point in starting a new thread to ask the same question. Why are you the hall monitor?

froes 09-08-2010 02:00 PM

Replacement battery
The battery of my P2 now comes to an end while the P2 is quit good.
What would be a suitable replacement type or the correct Samsung part#?

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