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ortizm74 05-02-2008 05:43 AM

Archos 404 Question
Hi everyone. Looking at picking up an Archos 404 at buy.com for 117.00. My 5.5 iPod (I know, I know) died on me, and in my haste I purchased soemthing that I am sort of regretting now. I didn't ralize how much I was gonna miss the large capacity. Being stationed in Iraq, and wanting something quick, I ran to the PX here on the camp and paid way too much for way too little. This brings me to the Archos 404. Besides the price, some of the good things I see are:

- Drag and drop for both music and video.
- Nice size screen.
- 30 gigs of space, that can be used as a removable drive.

Some of the bad things I have read pertain to the battery (i.e. not user replaceable and short battery life, relatively speaking)

I had considered getting a Zune for the price, but being locked into software again was not something I was looking forward to. Just wanted to get a little feedback and see what you all thought. If you have any other recs in that same price range, please let me know.

If someone has this item, or if the Archos line are pretty much the same across the board: Does anyone have any comments on the SQ?

Thanks guys.

2nice 05-02-2008 07:18 PM

you might want to pick up the 604, its bigger but it's also got that removable battery and some other pluses, price is maybe another $20 more, eBay's even cheaper, sound quality wise it's pretty decent (the 604 anyway), though I'm not much of an audiophiles its probably no sony or iaudio in terms of quality, you'll definitely want some better headphones though

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