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stefandang 04-27-2008 12:15 PM

Max Volume Limit adjustable?
Hi guys sorry if I'm not allowed to ask about adjusting max volume limits. I was born partially deaf and the only way I can listen to my MP3 player is to take my hearing aids out first. At the highest volume setting it's a reasonable level but I use the U10 at the gym and when I get into a really good song I wish I could turn it up just that little bit more. I do have an adapter that really boosts volume but it's not practical to carry it around at the gym.

Is there any software or firmware that can remove/adjust the max volume limit? Or do you know of any MP3 players that are louder than the U10? I do understand the need for safe volume limits for 'normal' hearing people, but I've yet to find a MP3 player that can cater for deaf/partially hearing people (and I do appreciate that if there was one, that there is the potential for it to be abused by those that do not have hearing problems (yet)).


Horacewimp 03-09-2009 07:29 PM

i recommend cowon D2 or D2+ ,has very high output and enough headroom even for soft or classical music to play very loud.

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