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rubennyc 01-20-2008 09:12 PM

vibez beta 1.15 (New as of 1/20/2008)
1.15 ReadMe: vibez v1.15 beta firmware

Official feedback thread: Happy B-Day vibez firmware 1.04 - now with new beta firmware within! - Riovolution


Changes since 1.14
  • Settings now has an 'Advanced' submenu. Some of the lesser used (and new) options have been moved to this new menu.
  • About track now shows rating.
  • Power off 'Saving Settings' now shows some basic progress.
  • Normal switch off (i.e. not lower power or other emergency) now rebuilds database index. This should speed up power on time.
  • User rating now extracted from MP3 tags (POPM), the average of all ratings present is used.
  • User rating now extracted from WMA tags (WM/SharedUserRating).
English only changes since 1.14
  • Switch for low battery alarm.
  • Switch for new scroll nudger. On relevant screens the centre button now 'nudges' the scroller to the next word.
  • Switch for menu animation.
  • Switch for MENU key operation. This allows the use of the menu key as 'up' in the menu and subsystem.
  • Switch for automatic rotary popup.
  • Switch for rotary memory.
  • Switch for background picture stretch.
  • Switch for new 'listened to' log. Every track played is logged to 'music.log' - see format below.
  • Switch for new 'rating' log. Every track rated is logged to 'music.log' - see format below.
  • Ability to update an existing playlist with 'now playing'.
Bugs fixed since 1.14
  • Fixed bug in thumbnail cache.
  • Embedded PNG images are now ignored for the purposes of displaying album art.

dfkt 01-23-2008 07:34 PM

Rubennyc, could you ask the programmer if he could implement pan/balance? ;)

That's the one missing feature that makes the Vibez useless to me (and any other player besides Cowons), since both my ears are differently "weighted".

rubennyc 01-24-2008 06:24 AM

Just add it to our Wishlist thread: http://www.riovolution.org/thread/310 I'm not sure if Defector actually reads the wishlist thread, but some stuff in there has mysteriously appeared in the recent firmware updates. ;)

dfkt 01-25-2008 03:05 PM

Posted... keeping my fingers crossed. :)

rubennyc 01-25-2008 03:35 PM

Cool. Saw that. You articulated it 1,000 times better than I would have. :)

Don't know if it would've helped, but the Karma had a Stereo Separation feature, that basically turned stereo into mono piped through both ear-phones. The idea was to make a lot of old Beatles tunes less jarring.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, too. Sounds like a reasonable request.

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