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OhioSteve 12-27-2007 01:35 PM

Three months of life with the Trek Stor Vibez
Hi! I live in the USA. In August I decided to purchase an mp3 player. Let me tell you about my experiences.

I researched mp3 players for about three weeks before deciding to purchase the TrekStor Vibez. I bought it for three reasons. First, I wanted a player that would work with Mac, Linux, old versions of Windows, and new versions of Windows. Second, I wanted the freedom to choose almost any codec. Third, I loved the looks of the Vibez.

I knew that the Vibez had a micro hard drive. That worried me because micro hard drives have moving parts. However, I decided to take the risk and purchase the Vibez anyway.

When my Vibez arrived, the packaging was in German. I unwrapped it and found that the manual was in both German and English. That was helpful because I cannot read German. Removing the back cover of the Vibez was terribly difficult. After about 30 minutes of struggling I finally removed the cover and inserted the battery. After that configuring the player was easy. I was able to listen to music about 40 minutes after unwrapping the product.

Connecting the Vibez to my Windows xp machine was VERY easy. I used the mini-usb cable to make the physical connection. Immediately, the Vibez appeared as a new drive in “my computer”. Copying files to the Vibez is extremely easy. You can drag and drop files right into it. You can even use it to store non-music files like spreadsheets.

Over the next few weeks, I really fell in love with my Vibez. It is very sleek and elegant. The sound quality with the headphones is excellent. You really feel like you have a stereo inside your brain. Plus the player is very light and its curvy shape fits my palm perfectly. I listen to my Vibez about four hours a day. I use it at work and when I jog. No one else in my neighborhood has a Vibez, and people often ask me about it.

I was totally wrong when I worried about the micro hard drive. In fact, the Vibez is the most durable electronic device I have ever owned. One day I fell onto a concrete sidewalk while jogging. I was holding the Vibez in my hand when I fell. My Vibez hit the sidewalk so hard I heard a “crack”. I fell on top of it, and I weigh about 190 pounds (86 kilograms). I assumed that my Vibez was destroyed. However, I was SHOCKED to find that the case was not shattered. I pressed the start button and it ran perfectly! This happened about 30 days ago, and it still works fine. I have also jogged in heavy rain for about 40 minutes and the Vibez operated properly. Finally, I have used the Vibez in weather as cold as 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) for periods as long as 30 minutes. After all of this abuse, it still works perfectly.

The Vibez is a fantastic product, but no device is perfect. Spinning a hard drive burns a lot of energy, and the Vibez’s battery life is poor. I get about seven hours of use between charges. However, you can work around this limitation. The Vibez gets both data and electricity from its mini-usb cable. I leave my mini-usb cable attached to my home computer. Each evening I plug in my Vibez to charge it. In the morning I sometimes add music to it. Then I detach it and take it to work with me.

I look forward to reading this forum and learning even more about the Vibez. Recently my wife bought a Trek Stor external hard drive for our PC. I hope Trek Stor continues to send their products to the USA.

rubennyc 12-27-2007 04:07 PM

Welcome to the club, Steve. If you want to love your baby even more, throw the latest beta firmware (v1.14) on there. :)

Here are the read-mes for each of the beta releases. 1.14 is cumulative so you only need to install that to get all the changes:


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