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rubennyc 12-15-2007 07:34 AM

TrekStor vibez beta firmware 1.13 (a new beta 12/14/2007)
Read-me: vibez v1.13 beta firmware

Riovolution feedback thread: Happy B-Day vibez firmware 1.04 - now with new beta firmware within! - Riovolution


Changes since 1.11
Context menu in music library to enqueue/append/etc items now appears on folder view too.
Thumbnail creation and retrieval speed has been improved.
"Forgotten Gems" will now play music that has never been played. Choose infinity days!
In scheme selection menu, holding down right now saves current scheme as a template. See ".private/template.scm".
After automatically pausing on headphone removal. Playback will restart if headphones are inserted within 2 minutes of them being removed (and no other buttons pushed).
Separated user added backgrounds from installed backgrounds. This allows user to cycle through only added backgrounds.
Sudoku/Picture Jumble games now have a separate setting for backlight time.
Overhauled text input screen. User can now use left/right/up/down to navigate screen. Moving left/right in text input control in now done by holding left/right.
Automatically thumbnail user added backgrounds for better performance.

Changes since 1.11 - English only
Play music by rating dialog.
Startup volume limiter.
Power on protection.

Bugs fixed since 1.11
Headphone removal fixed when hold mode is active.
Ensure spoken word filter is acted on in MTP transfer.
Removed extraneous '.' on Russian timecodes.
Approved versions of quick button bitmaps.
Fixed bug in old and new style hold mode interaction.
Fixed "auto full screen" on album art and other views.
Fixed redrawing problem in "delete current track".
Fixed text not fitting on eq mode selection dialog.
Fixed scale drawing on bass/treble dialog.
Fixed scale drawing on multiband eq dialog.
Fixed problem with m3u playlists and filenames with characters > 127 (e.g. �).

DaHarder 12-26-2007 12:12 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I have a strange situation...

I've upgraded my firmware to 1.13 Beta, and everything works well, but the 'about screen still says Firmware Version 1.11.

(See Attached Pic)

rubennyc 12-26-2007 05:31 PM

Probably purely cosmetic. I've got 1.14 (a new beta released 2 days ago) at it correctly shows 1.14 on the about player screen.

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