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Sombra 11-22-2007 01:21 PM

HUGE new Vibez Firmware
Just saw this on Dapreview...fantastic news. There is a new firmware released (beta) that adds so many long sought after improvements.


Here's the list:

Change since 1.04

Prettier life visual

Full screen display for music playback

Extra setting of 20 seconds for normal backlight and button backlight

Update bookmark remembers last one chosen

Background/scheme selection comes with preview

Now playing menu remembers last item chosen for 30 seconds

Battery level reported over MTP (can see when WMP11 installed on device properties)

USB Mode Selection

Context menu in music library to enqueue/append/etc items to the "Now Playing" list (hold right on item in music library)

Ability to restore last selected playback item (hold right in main menu)

Rotary popup now reordered to "Vol, Seek, Brightness, Pitch"

Automatic thumbnail creation no longer locks up menus

Music selection using album art

One hand hold mode - tap power and then menu to lock/unlock.

Additional quick button "Update session"

Additional quick button "Delete current track"

Rotary popup remembers last selection

Low battery now has audible warning

Backlight disabled when device is locked except for power key

Ability to rate song on the device

Snakes visual

Comet visual

Headphone detection - removal of headphones now pauses playback

Change since 1.04 - English only

Text file viewer

Sudoku game

Picture Jumble game

Spoken word filter

Bugs fixed since 1.04

Fixed bug in playlist creation with repeat mode on causing infinite loop

Fixed progress arrow when it nears the 100% position

Fixed playback of OGG files without EOS-flag

Fixed bug in forced language selection menu displayed at startup

Christmas has come early, and breathed some new life into my Vibez!!

rubennyc 11-22-2007 02:33 PM

If anyone is going to test it, make sure to post bugs in the Riovolution.org thread. (There's a link in the "Vibez F" thread in this forum.)

Sombra 11-22-2007 11:24 PM

So what is a spoken word filter anyways? As well, just what does the USB mode selection do? That's not like a USB host feature is it?

rubennyc 11-23-2007 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by Sombra (Post 186106)
So what is a spoken word filter anyways? As well, just what does the USB mode selection do? That's not like a USB host feature is it?

Interestingly, I just posted a question asking exactly what the Spoken Word Filter does. I haven't fully tested it, yet. It looks like it's a way for you to choose what genres (Audio Book, Comedy, Podcast, etc.) get treated as spoken word tracks for browsing. I'm hoping tracks that match a filter would also be excluded from DJ generated playlists.

The USB mode (labeled "Transfer Mode" in the menu system) option lets you select what connection type you want to use when connecting to your computer. The options are: Automatic, MTP, MSC and Charge Only. (Automatic is equivalent to how the current 1.04 firmware works.)

rubennyc 11-23-2007 10:17 AM

And the answer is:


Originally Posted by defector

Originally Posted by RubenNYC
Question for Defector: I haven't tried out the Spoken Word Filter, yet, but can you explain a little bit how it's supposed to work? Like, if a track's genre matches one of the filters, does it get excluded from any Rio DJ generated lists? (That would be ideal.)

Then ideal it is!
You add a genre to the SWF e.g. "Podcast".
Tracks that match a genre in the SWF are not considered as "music" but "spoken word". They will not appear anywhere other than under the "Spoken Word" menu in the music library. They will also be excluded from the "Rio DJ" auto generated items.

BTW, it doesn't give you a list of genres to choose from, that would be too limiting. It lets you type in whatever text you want for the genre to be filtered.

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