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PromisedPlanet 11-11-2007 05:41 PM

Archos WiFi streaming music from Internet?

I've been Googling for a while now, and haven't found much discussion about the Archos WiFi models' ability to stream music from the Internet. What I have found, to date, is "Shoutcast streams not supported," "Internet radio plugin probably coming soon," etc.

So could anyone help a brother ... what Internet music stream formats do the WiFi models support? What kind of bitrates do you think I might be able to stream over a 802.11g WiFi network? How's the sound quality? Note that I'm talking purely about streaming music from the Internet, not over WiFi from my PC.

Thanks in advance.

terryshaw09 11-14-2007 12:58 PM

have you tried posting on Archosfan.com they might know

Gadgetgirl 02-26-2008 08:58 AM

Update,sort of...
I've had my 604 wifi for about 2 weeks and to my dismay Shoutcast doesn't work. I have the latest update.

EDIT-Been having a time trying to listen to my XM Radio subscription online as well. It just doesn't seem to work as far as streaming music is concerned

Warris 03-08-2008 05:02 AM

No chance of this happening, Archos use a cut down version of the Opera Browser which wont allow any streaming of audio, the flash player is only flash 7 so that's pretty much out of date already. Archos don't seem to want to update the firmware and going on their past record wont update it with anything useful until the new generation of models comes out.

Warris 05-26-2008 03:52 PM

UPDATE: Archos have now released a new firmware with flash 9 but it is a cut down version so although it works with some sites it will still not work with all of them. The new firmware also adds a new plugin for web tv & Radio to allow streaming of tv and audio streams through vtuner. Its still a bit buggy but will allow streaming of mp3 & wma files. An update is expected soon which will hopefully iron out the bugs.

Brent212 08-26-2008 02:47 PM

Will Pandora or last.fm work in the Opera browser?

Warris 11-21-2008 07:04 AM

No, nor will any stream that require Windows media player or real player plugins.

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