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kalel 11-05-2007 10:02 AM

the life of my battery-Archos 504
Hey archos 504 users. I just got my new archos actually it is my first MP4 player.
I love my device but I do have some questions though
The ones which are burning at this moment are
1-Battery life, how long is it suppose to last when watching videos? I love watching small 20 mins videos every time I watch one, it knock out two bars from the battery indicators, so what I did last weekend in a full battery I watched a movie after another the battery lasted 3H 40 mins! I was in total shock I was expecting more, is this normal? Or my battery came with a defect?
2-i tested the battery in music only and it lasted far longer. Why will it last more in music than in video?
Should i get a new battery or will it be the same? If so it is frustrating, that I have to recharge it every other day, I love watching videos every day.
3-i tested my DVR dock, it is great when recording from the TV but when done from a VCR (yes I know it is out dated but I have so many videos which I want to preserve and pass them to MP4) the image was either black and white or not 100% sharp as it is on the video tape, I wonder if I am doing anything wrong, I did some of the adjustment in the setting but still.. please help
P.S does any one know a free movie converter?
Thank you all

FURR 11-05-2007 12:51 PM

i'm no Archos user but Archos is known not to have good battery life. should of gotten a Cowon A2 :)

Phong 11-12-2007 09:40 PM

The 504's rated at 4-5 hours for video, and about 17 hours for music. That's borne through what I've experienced with it. Enough for 2 movies & some music afterward.

The music has far longer playback because the player doesn't need to keep the screen on. Big screen means good for watching stuff, but also means it's a big drain on the battery. You can help save power by turning the backlight brightness down, and setting the screen to turn off after 10-20 seconds when playing music.

Getting a spare battery is a good idea, but you'll have the same performance on that. Easy way to double your play time though.

kalel 11-15-2007 11:05 AM

Thank you very much for the in put, my second battery is on its way! perhpas you could help me on this too:
Hello archos pal, today something very weird happened to me, I was watching a video then I did stop and closed the case, went to the gym did my work out and I took my archos 504 out to do my aerobic in the bicycle and when I touch it was hot caused the battery was still on, normally after I pressed x to stop after a short time he will turn off by itself but this time it did not do it but the worst part was it will not respond and the battery was still on so I just did not what to do or how to reset it, so I I took the battery off and on again.
What I want to know is why this happen and how can I prevent this to happen again?
I found this very odd… specially when I had this for less than a month…
Thank you all

Quantum Man 11-15-2007 04:20 PM

hey man, I replied to this new question in your post that focuses on it, please read it there, I hope it helps.

Oh, and another thing for you: a good video convertor that is free is called "Super", it can convert many formats with lots of options and outputs. It is by eRightsoft. As far as your question about the recording from your VCR: what type of cord are you using to record your video?: S-video, composite video cables? (R,Y,W), or what? Make sure the connection you are recording from has the cords plugged into it properly or something will go wrong with the colour perhaps. Oh, maybe check your Archos' video quality settings in the record menu when you have it recording (it's a tab in the menu: settings or whatever) I hope this helps expand your knowledge in regards to the problems with your 504 .

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