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rubennyc 10-13-2007 04:23 PM

How to get mp3 gapless perfection on the vibez
FYI. I've been trying to get this working for over a year, back when I had a Rio Karma. I've been using Ogg Vorbis on both the Karma and the vibez to get gapless perfection. But with that comes a significant hit in battery peformance. With the vibez, there's also the annoying menu lag bug.

Up until now, whenever I converted FLAC to mp3, then transferred those to the vibez, I'd get the faintest of clicks between tracks. Barely noticable at times, but still not perfect. A few months ago, I tried ripping a CD directly to MP3 and the gapless was perfect. But I needed it to work when converting my existing FLAC files. I had no desire to re-rip all my CDs to MP3 as it defeats the whole purpose of archiving as FLAC in the first place.

So, long story short, here's how I finally did it (with major thanks to the folks at Riovolution for pointing me the right way Link to original thread):

1. In Foobar, click File -> Preferences. On the "Advanced" section, check the box that says "Force preferred tagging scheme on all files regardless of existing tags" and select ID3v2 as the tagging scheme. (Do not choose the "ID3v2 + ID3v1" option as this will cause gaps or clicks.)

2. Use Foobar to convert FLAC to LAME mp3 V0.

3. Copy new tunes to vibez.

4. Enjoy.

DJ Shred 10-14-2007 01:57 PM

Thanks for the tip, quite useful.

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