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Almoxil 09-21-2007 09:36 AM

Meizu M8 GUI shots
Meizu unveiled some GUI screenshots of their upcoming gadget, the Meizu M8.


I know it's a rip-off of iPhone's GUI, but what would you expect? Be it good or bad, Apple set the standard for these interfaces with its product. Unless anyone comes with something to really shake the market (and I think Meizu just doesn't have the resources for that), we aren't going to see much improvement here.

Only my $0.02.

[ Engadget via MeizuMe ]

Andreas 09-21-2007 10:10 AM

iPhone is a ripoff of meizu :)

dfkt 09-21-2007 10:12 AM

Yes, Mr. Wong said so. :)

Almoxil 09-21-2007 11:36 AM

Well, if he said so... :)

swarmer 12-03-2007 11:54 PM

I actually like how Meizu moved a few of the letters ("IOPKL") to a fourth row. Should make it a bit easier to press the right letter.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize this was kind of an old thread.

Suzanne 08-25-2008 02:16 AM

Meizu M8 UI Changed
[swarmer, yeah its old, i'll make it new]
Hi guys,

meizu m8 may have some features better than the iPhone but they are taking too long for this m8, they planned on this phone about the same time as the 1st gen iPhone, but now apple iPhone has released the iphone 3g the 2nd gen iPhone but the m8 is still in pending.

this (below) is the UI change posted in 24th may 2008 at meizu forum:


The DarkSide 08-25-2008 07:22 AM

It's still a waste of effort tho it looks nice.

sumx4182 08-25-2008 09:24 AM

i like the look, although i hope they don't go with that 4 row keyboard...what a pain to type on that would be. Ugh

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