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rubennyc 09-13-2007 05:59 PM

Noreve case for TrekStor vibez (A mini-review)
Just thought I'd contribute a mini-review I posted a couple of months ago at dapreview, Riovolution and Head-fi. Hope it's useful:

"So, I just got my brand spankin' new Noreve case for my TrekStor vibez in the mail today. I'll try to get some decent pictures up later, but I will say, so far, I'm happy with this purchase.

"The first question is how's the fit? I would say it's nearly perfect. Out of the box the vibez does seem just a little bit high, such that the very top of the wheel and the triangle button sit just a little too close to the top of the opening in the case. I suspect as it breaks in some, the vibez will fit perfectly. Either way no complaints. Also note, the opening for the screen is just an opening, there is no additional plastic that might cause screen glare or make it harder to read.

"The case also comes with a handy-dandy belt clip. Out of the box, the clip is not attached, which is a very good thing if you plan to keep it in a bag or pocket most of the time. This helps keep the overall size to a minimum. I haven't tried the clip yet, so I can't comment there.

I will say that the vibez seems very well protected from all angles while providing easy access to all controls and the headphone out jack. The built-in microphone is covered whenever the vibez is in the case, which could pose a problem for people that use it. The USB port is accessible when the case flap is open only. Which is fine, I can't think of a time when I'd want to plug in a USB cable but need to have the flap closed.
Another side benefit, the case also makes the vibez a hell of a lot easier to grip. And if I drop it, I won't worry about getting any (more) scratches on my screen.

"Just like the vibez itself, this case definitely has a different look to it, just by virtue of being mostly oval. I think the look is very elegant and nice to the touch. By elegant, I also mean that this case is probably less than ideal for use at the gym or for running. (By contrast, the old Technohm case I had for my Karma was built like a tank.)

"To sum up, for $46 including shipping, I think I made a very good investment to help me enjoy my vibez even more than I already do. Considering that there really are no other options on the market yet, I think this is a must have for any vibez owner.






Almoxil 09-13-2007 07:25 PM

Great, rubennyc. It seems to be a great case. I don't have a Vibez, but I got a Noreve case for my ZV:M, and I'm very happy with it.

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