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fromrussia 09-07-2007 03:06 AM

Music from iTunes to Trekstor... humbling, stumbling, but possible
I use an APPLE PBook G4 and OS/X 10.4.10 as well as iTunes 7 to save my music on the computer. I have an iPod as well as a Trekstor Organix 2 GB Flashplayer. Unfortunately there is no direct way to transfer music from iTunes to other players than the APPLE one. But I have made myself a work around. :p I transfer the music to my trekstor the following way.

1. All music has to be in MP3 format, Trekstor can't do anything with APPLEs favourite AAC format. So if you haven't changed the settings in iTunes the way that it imports files alreay as MP3 formats or if you want to leave it as AAC format than do the following:

2. Mark all the files you want to transfer to the Trekstore and right-click onto them, as an APPLE use with a one-button mouse press the Ctrl-key and click onto the files. Than choose "convert to MP3". :cool:

3. When the files are converted (Pay attention you have the songs now twice in iTunes, one AAC file and another MP3 file, than pull the MP§ files into a separate folder. For this purpose I have a special folder that is called "Transfer2Trekstor". :cool:

4. Than open your attached Trekstore which should be visible as an USB device.

5. Pull all files onto the Trekstor, that should do.

Ok, I admit, it is not very elegant but better than nothing. Hope it works for somebody else as well. ;)


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