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fromrussia 09-02-2007 01:47 AM

Have I killed my Trekstor Organix using an iPOd power supply?
I have ( or should I say I had?? ) a Trekstor Organix (2MB red) that I want to use for Podcast purposes and listen to it while offroading with my offroad car (The iPod 60 has problems becauseof his harddisc).

I also have a Mac Powerbook G4 using OS/X 10.4.10. Yesterday I attached the player to the Mac. I drew a few podcasts onto the player and they played very good. I also drew an MP3 file from iTunes directly onto the Organix .... it played. Than I attached the player to the iPdod power supply block (sorry my native language isn't English) and listened further. When I detached my headphones the Trekstor shut of and doesn't "move" any longer. He doesnt react on any button pressing.

My question, have I killed my Trekstor electrically ? Don't hope so. Any advice?


derf 09-02-2007 09:38 AM

All power supplies are different and not interchangeable, unless you are sure that the type of current is the same (DC or AC), the voltage (V) is the same and that the polarities are the same(+/- tip/ring). The numbers of mA determines if it can provide enough current. If any of the 3 things I mentioned are different for the two players, you may have killed it, but I don't know the specs of either.

fromrussia 09-07-2007 02:40 AM

Trekstor alive ... puh ...
dear all,

My Trekstor Organix hasn't "gone". I had only to reset it with the help of a paper clip. I tried it a few times ... and now it is up and running. I got the advice from the Trekstor support department. They replied within a few days. And now my red player does it. I have the impression that its sound is even better than my iPod 60 GB, but may be that is a subjective feeling. However, now I am happy and thanks in any case for the advice.


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