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LETMO 08-28-2007 08:22 PM

Neverending Problems: GigabeatRoom & Vista
I regret the day I ever bought a Gigabeat, the problems are incessant:

1. GigabeatRoom will not install on to a Windows Vista machine. Get LoadLibrary Error.
2. Upgrades that will work with Vista don't seem to be available on the web (please point me in the right direction if I'm wrong)
2. Gigabeat will not sync with WMP11, rolling back to 10 doesn't solve the problem.
3. This seems basic, but I haven't been able to find a way of donloading files from my Gigabeat back to my computer!
4. Making playlists is combersome & not intuitive - why isn't it simply drag & drop.
5. Every time the battery runs out I have to do the initial set up again (date etc.)
6. Playback mode - perhaps one of the most basic functions - is one of the hardest to get to.

Suffice to say when it came to buying my wife a birthday present, she got an i-Pod. Toshiba may get hardware, but they really don't get software.

yueonyrl 08-28-2007 09:47 PM

Try rockbox if you own Gigabeat F/X series
If you own Gigabeat F or X series just try Rockbox! It is far better than Toshiba's original software, and you will find a completely new life for Gigabeat.

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