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ktronis 08-01-2007 02:29 PM

Repair centers for Gigabeat? Is there only one?
My S30 has a problem with the screen. It apparently got pushed in real hard on the lower right, have no idea how, and now the lower 3/4 of the screen is all white with a few odd-shaped black jagged lines emanating from that "pressure point". I tried turning the battery button on and off, but that only made things worse. Now, when I turn it on (regular power button or the battery button), it stays on for about 2 seconds the shuts off. Screen never improved, either.

So, the unit might be totally screwed, but I was hoping to have a service center take a look at it for the final word before I wind up heaving it off a bridge ;) . If it can be fixed and the cost isn't outrageous, I'll give it a try.

That being said, it looks like the only "Toshiba authorized" repair center is Tops Electronics in MA. I had to send my unit there once already due to a warranty-covered Error Code 5 problem. But, this one is obviously NOT a warranty-covered problem.

Does anyone have experience with any third-party repair centers for the Gigabeat or any mp3 players for that matter? I was hoping to take it locally (Maryland) instead of shipping it off only for them to tell me it will cost $200 to repair or that it's not repairable at all.

ktronis 08-03-2007 12:22 PM

Goodbye, Toshiba!!
I'll answer my own question. Yes, Tops Electronics in Haverhill, MA is the only "Toshiba-authorized" repair center for the Gigabeat.

That place called me back, said with a physical problem with the screen, don't even bother sending it in because the cost to fix will be more than just getting a new one.

And considering all of the buggy issues I've had with my Gigabeat, prior to this screen problem, I am not wasting another dime on a Toshiba product. :mad:

Off to find the next brand to buy, I guess. :confused:

Kdude90 08-06-2007 02:13 AM

one other option...........
It's not a very well-known fact, but all RadioShack Repair Centers are Toshiba Authorized Repair Centers. If your Gigabeat is still under a manufacturer's warranty, you can take it to any RadioShack and they'll send it their repair center for a free estimate. If it's something covered under warranty, they'll repair it for free. If not, they'll tell you how much it'll cost. If it's not under warranty, there's a nonrefundable $20 estimate fee (although if you decide to pay the repair fee, that $20 fee is deducted from that). Hope that helps at least somewhat.

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